I am sitting at Hingework, the creative co-working space in Lancaster City that our businesses have called home for three years, and I sincerely sit in awe of all that God has done in the last seven years.

When we first set out to create wedding films I wanted to bring two seemingly opposite things together for our Clients. First, I wanted to pour our hearts into creating powerful and meaningful films that would serve our Clients in each season of their marriage, that would engage their hearts, and that would remind them of their promises to each other and The Lord. I wanted films that would serve their marriage through each high and low, and that could be a type of digital heirloom for their kids and grandkids as a way of preserving each individual legacy.

Second, we wanted to create these films in a way that felt completely distinct from other wedding films. We didn’t want to take everything so seriously.. We wanted them to be packed with hilarious, quirky, funny, and real moments. We wanted the music to be loud when it needed to be loud, and soft when it needed to be soft. We wanted to leave behind any cookie cutter formulas of “what a wedding film should be,” “should look like,” “should include.” And most importantly we fought hard to preserve the real – we never wanted a perfect pose to ruin a real moment that a couple was experiencing.

Recently, through a tough season of taking a more critical eye of K+A Films, I realized that while my heart for our filmmaking and our Clients was as vibrant as ever, our entire brand did not live up to my own heart for it. I knew I was creating from a place of my calling, but K+A Films needed a facelift in a big way – and I wasn’t the man to make that happen.

I’m very thankful for Austin Church, Chris Conley, and Eryin Wandel, who have taken our hearts for K+A Films and created this new website and brand experience that is equal parts bold and beautiful, tough and tender. You guys are fierce, creative geniuses – thank you for helping me in these next steps of our journey. I couldn’t have ever arrived here without you. Thank you for listening, deconstructing, and designing with our hearts in mind.

While the look is changing, it is this same heart that continues today – to create unique, powerful, timeless wedding films that tell stories of legacy, of beauty, and grit. There are some really fun things we are beginning to lay the ground work for, and we hope you will stay tuned in the coming months for the dreams that are ready to be released.

Though K+A Films has grown into something I never could have expected, Ashleigh and I sincerely thank you for taking an interest in our lives, our work, and our hearts.