Hey everyone!

We are doing a ton of work behind the scenes here to launch our new brands as soon as possible, but in the mean time we have a special film for you all that we are super excited about.

I was introduced to Greg + Candace a few weeks ago by Meagan Keller of Meagan Nicole Photography. I saw an opportunity to film the styled session they were creating and jumped all over it. After talking with Greg + Candace on the phone, Ashleigh and I became even more excited about them and their story. They were getting their wedding photographs done prior to their impending wedding, and Meagan graciously allowed us along to film. We had so much fun during this shoot, and at the end they read their wedding vows to each other, with only Meagan, Ashleigh and I present. Not a dry eye existed on the overlook that evening!

Greg had been previously married for seventeen years, and Candace was previously married for fifteen years. Both of their spouses left them at the thirteenth year of marriage. Through their individual trials they both unknowingly held onto the same verse of Scripture for assurance that The Lord was still present. Here are some of their words:

“Through our trials SO much good has come. God has taken us through the desert, we’ve learned huge life lessons and this marriage is a promise, blessing and a huge celebration for our families who have seen us through it. Our kids are excited and we are grateful to give them a Godly example of marriage.” (Candace has two sons, and Greg has a daughter.)



Thank you so much! You and Ashleigh made it easy for us to feel comfortable and at ease. We were completely caught up in the moment and your work just takes my breath away. So thankful we have this… Our kids really enjoyed it too❤️ You’re the best!