Hey everyone!

Well I’m very, very excited to announce that we have a concrete date for launching our new Wedding Film company! You may have stumbled upon this Blog from The Knot, so first.. if you are just now joining us for the journey please go to this post for some background:

A Very Brief Summary:
We are a husband and wife wedding filmmaking team comprised of Kent + Ashleigh Mast. We have been filming weddings together since before we were dating, for about 4 years, and have had the exciting honor to capture well over a hundred weddings. It was because of filming weddings together that our friendship and relationship grew into a marriage. What once began as Kent Mast Photo & Video, with Ashleigh as my assistant shooter, has grown into something much bigger than we could have imagined.

We don’t believe that your wedding is “just another wedding.” We believe that your wedding is an extension of your personalities and should reflect who you both are as a couple. We believe that wedding films can actually be fun WHILE being powerful. We believe that marriage is an awesome tool in the hand of God and it should be celebrated and marveled at.

Whether this is your first time hearing of us, or you have been with us for several years, we can not thank you enough! Over the next month you will begin noticing several changes as we go through this transition:

Our Facebook Page, as well as this Blog, will be renamed from Kent Mast Photo & Video to K+A Films.

We will be editing our new Logo for K+A Films into the endings of some of our previous wedding films.

And finally our current website at http://www.kentmastphotoandvideo.com will forward you to our new website, and we will officially retire Kent Mast Photo & Video as our brand name.

As for the launch date.. It is with much excitement that we will be launching our new website on September 15th! This transition has really been at least a  year in the making, filled with many little, big, and often times painful steps. Thank you all so much for you encouragement and support, I’m looking forward to sharing our hard work with you all!