Hey everybody!

If you have been following the saga that is our business you would know that there have been a ton of unexpected changes, all of which we feel The Lord leading us into for our joy and His glory. We have yet another big announcement, but first to recap for those just tuning in ..

Recent Updates:
In 2015 we welcomed our newest team member, Andrei!
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Hiring Andrei inadvertently brought major clarity and vision. We decided that we needed to split our Commercial work and our Wedding work into two separate, distinct brands.
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After deciding to split our Wedding and Commercial work into two distinct brands we found that we could realistically only hold onto Wedding Films or Wedding Photography. We decided to fully invest our time with our wedding brand into Wedding Filmmaking and no longer offer Wedding Photography or Portrait packages.
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After wrestling through many frustrations when it came to working from home we felt The Lord was leading me, for the first time in the history of our business and self-employed lives, to trust Him for provision and move the office out of our home and into Hingework – a community work space in Lancaster City.
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.. and as with all of those updates, we fully expected each one to be the last major update.

Toward the beginning of the new year I started wrestling with some thoughts: “What does Andrei want? What is he being called to?” However, we were busy rebuilding two websites and trying to stay ahead of some work. Finally in Mid-March, with the websites almost complete and most of our projects finished, we were able to process those questions together.

After bringing up the questions Andrei affirmed that around basically the same time he had felt The Lord stirring those questions up in his heart unbeknownst to me. We all took two weeks to pray about how we should move forward. After the two weeks we talked again and the consensus was clear to all of us – Andrei felt like film opportunities were really taking off at Ephrata Community Church and it was time to release him to pursue that further. Even though this decision was very hard for me initially, because we have loved having Andrei here, it was clear that…

This was an answer to prayer on several fronts:
– Andrei and I were both feeling a wrestling over the same issue completely separate from each other.
– We had just moved into Hingework and we were praying for God to bring the finances to make that a reality. If Andrei left, that would free up our finances.
– After making the decision, even though Andrei didn’t know how God would provide the additional finances for him and Kelly, he took that step of faith. After making the decision to leave our team, he had a meeting with Kevin the lead pastor at ECC who offered Andrei more hours at ECC which is able to provide for Andrei and Kelly so they are able to step away from us.

Now that’s just awesome and huge – God does still answer prayer, and He is still leading and guiding His people for His purposes. To be clear this was not easy for any of us. We all had questions and concerns that were grounded in reality. How will God provide? But we have seen God move so clearly, and our faith must be in His provision and not in our ability to know or control everything.

Hiring Andrei was one of the best decisions we had ever made. He brought a thoughtful and caring atmosphere while he was here, and he helped us to approach storytelling differently. In addition to those things God used Andrei to give us clarity to split our wedding and commercial brands, create two new websites and brands, and clarify our vision moving forward. Hiring Andrei also gave us faith to see God provide in leaner seasons, which helped me to make the decision to move our office out of our house and into Hingework about two years ahead of my timetable.

Did we know beforehand that any of this would turn out this well? Absolutely not. But in His mercy, God is rewarding our faith that He is able to work all things together for good for those who love Him. Thank you, Andrei, for your time here! We are excited to see where The Lord continues to lead you and Kelly!

Prayer Requests:
– Andrei is moving into more time and responsibility at ECC. Pray for his team there to accomplish what God is calling them into.
– We are finalizing our new brands which will be launching soon. Please partner with us in prayer that they will draw the right Clients and partnerships for us.
– Pray that The Gospel will be furthered by these recent decisions, and that they will not only be for our good but for God’s glory.
– Pray that we will continue to lay these transitions before God and that His hand will be on us.