Sometimes you get Weddings that look amazing, but lack real depth. Sometimes you get ones that are really deep, but aren’t at the location you were hoping for. By far it is extremely rare to get both depth in Christ, and a super magical place. Calvin and Hanna completely blew us away with their Wedding. I met them, I believe this past December, in Prince Street Cafe, to go over initial details of their day, and I had a feeling it was going to be amazing.

When the Day finally came we were totally rewarded for being there. The Ceremony and Reception took place on a property that has been in Calvin’s family for… a really long time (I don’t remember the specifics) so it was very special to them, but it was also simply incredible to begin with. On top of that, we could not have asked for a better day.

The light was stunning, and the couple was deeply in love; and not in a fleeting love, but in a deeply rooted love that is given by the Creator God for us to enjoy as a reflection of His love for us.

On top of all of that; Calvin had memorized, as part of his vows, a poem called The Country of Love by Wendell Berry, and recited it from memory while looking into the eyes of his Bride-To-Be. By far the most epic speech given by a groom at the altar. If I hadn’t been filming, I would’ve cheered at the end. Loudly.

// Click HD 1080, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //

[vimeo w=500&h=213]



Here from Motley Mama…what a beautiful video. I have goosebumps watching it. That poem is wonderful and the love I could feel watching the video is amazing. Again, great job.

Thank you so much Alice! If you’re interested, please view more at

It was an AMAZING Wedding!