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We have had some seriously incredible Weddings this year. Before I show you the link to our latest Wedding Film, I asked Aubrey to send me some of the information to the property (Hearthstone) where the Wedding and Reception took place that day. The property was gorgeous, and I think the story is as well.

A portion of the main house was built in 1733. The house was the former “mill house” for the textile and woolen factory next door.  In the early 1900’s, a former owner expanded the house. 

Roger’s grandparents bought Hearthstone in 1954, and raised Roger’s dad there.  The name Hearthstone came from Roger’s grandparents who were enamored with the kitchen fireplace’s hearth’s stone.  Roger’s parents, Mary and Rocky, were married at Hearthstone in 1970-  44 years ago! Roger’s grandparents sold the property in the late 1970’s to a man who wanted to develop the land for a housing community, however the historical society would not allow the owner to tear down the main house.  The downturn in the economy also prohibited the property from being developed. Unfortunately, when the property was sold to the land developer, it started to digress and by the late 1990’s, it was uninhabitable. 

We bought 10 acres of the property back in 2012 and the township bought the rest to add additional land to the mill next door.  We were so excited to get this extremely sentimental and historical property back into the family. When we bought the property, we had to take down portions of the house to save the original stonewalls.  The property has a barn, spring house, ice house, carriage house, and main house.  It also has ruins of former farmhand’s homes in the woods.  The property was unrecognizable when we bought it.  It took a good 2 years to clear out the land.  We were able to choose our tree line and plant grass.  It’s been quite a lot of work!

Roger and his dad, Rocky, have a lot of experience in restoring 18th Century homes and we will be restoring the home ourselves.  Now that we have stabilized the stonewalls, we will dig out the debris until it is a standing shell.  At that point, we will re-point the walls and build a new home around the existing stonewalls.

Here is the Wedding Film of Roger + Aubrey. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

// Click HD 1080, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //



awesome wedding!!! Love the video. Thanks for sharing with us !