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[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/52881235 w=500&h=281]

Hello world!

Kent Mast here.

Here is a Wedding Film we (Me and Ashleigh) shot earlier this Summer. I had known Kim through a mutual friend Sara (friend of like 15 years or so). Initially we thought it wasn’t going to work out to film Tim and Kim’s Wedding, but it actually ended up working out and I couldn’t have been more pumped.

I think it was this video where I really started experimenting with my prime lenses on my Glidecam, as opposed to my previous set up of using wide angle lenses on my Steadicam Merlin. I prefer this look much more.

As for the day itself, Kim came down the aisle to a song from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack (I believe it was “Concerning Hobbits.”) Kim loves thunder, and it began thundering during her ceremony. Most Brides would have freaked out, but I’m pretty sure it made Kim smile.

Fun fact #1: This was Ashleigh’s first Wedding that she shot with me. She has since become my go-to Shooter.
Fun fact #2: I asked Ashleigh because I wanted to eventually date her. We are now dating. #Winning

So thank you to Tim and Kim, for: Having names that rhyme, inviting us to document your fantastic day, and unintentionally helping me date Ashleigh.