Happy Sunday everyone!

Ashleigh and I are so excited to share this particular film with you. I first met Zac through Hingework – the freaking awesome co-working space we are a part of in Lancaster City. Zac has already spoken so much into our business, creative processes, and the fears that can often hold us back. We are so thankful for his presence in our lives.

I knew Zac + Casey’s wedding was going to be amazing – and it definitely didn’t disappoint. There were so many people gathered together to celebrate Zac + Casey – people who are genuinely for them and their marriage. And as amazing as all those things are.. there was a killer dance party put on by the groom himself. And some crowdsurfing.

// Press HD, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //

Photographer: Dominique Berho
Venue: Passenger
Florist: Moss & Vine
Pastor: Mark Buckwalter
DJ & Groom: Zac Rogers