Hi there, we’re the masts.

Kent Mast

Kent can be a creature of habit, and keep to the essentials. Some of his loves include dark beers, Shinola watches, his black Ducati Scrambler, historical non-fiction books + films, and chasing his children through Target like a monster. Jesus did a miraculous work in his heart after a motorcycle wreck in 2012, and Kent deeply desires folks to know and experience Him.

Ashleigh Mast

Ashleigh, despite her reserved appearance at times, is quite the fire cracker. She loves going on adventures, buying chocolate with Kent's money and then hiding the chocolate for herself, and filling the home with succulents. She can often be found dreaming of the Gulf of Mexico, and engaging in heart-to-heart conversations where she can encourage and pray with people.

Our films overflow from who we are.

Our heart, our Why, is you. In 2012 we unexpectedly fell in love while filming weddings together. To this day, it is our passion for discovering authentic stories that continues to drive us to capture powerful, once-in-a-lifetime moments for our Clients. Your story is packed with countless dramatic miracles and quiet moments. Our hope is that our films will inspire you, and your marriage, every single day for your legacy on this earth.

Our films are more than just wedding videos. They are powerful expressions of your love for each other and the promises you made. Our hope is that our films would inspire you, and your marriage, every single day for your life together on this earth.


Some Kind Words

K + A Films is worth every penny.. the finished result of their beautiful gift is priceless. They have the most incredible way of capturing even the smallest moments, and producing a film that is representative of each unique couple. I tell every single person that I encounter who is planning a wedding – hire Kent Mast and you will never regret it.

Brent + Andrea

Some Kind Words

Kent and Ashleigh are so great and we loved having them! They are so friendly and personable but still professional and extremely talented. They have shot three other weddings in our family and every film has been perfect and captured the different personalities and tastes of each couple. I love how they worked with us throughout the planning process to see how our style and personalities match the style of the film.

Matthew + Kara